Building a Greenhouse

About six weeks ago I cleared some space, tilled a bit of soil and dropped some spinach seeds into the ground. Overnight, it seemed, I had beautiful baby spinach leaves ready to eat.

Ready for a deer to eat.

So I tried growing in buckets, but the spinach didn't want to take. Two batches barely sprouted and died. Too crowded? Too little water? Temperatures seemed about the same.

Gonzo thinks I built him his own room.

Gonzo thinks I built him his own room.

So now I'm trying this: A small greenhouse I built in the most basic way I knew how: Dropped four posts into an 8x8 square and nailed on some framing, then attached 6 mm sheeting. A door folds up for temp and humidity control, and I may add a matching door to the rear as well.

It needs some ribbing to support the plastic, and long-term I plan to recycle plastic bottles into tiles. But for now, doesn't look too shabby.

Posted on August 15, 2016 and filed under Food, Homesteading.