Issue #4

Strange Happenings in the Finger Lakes National Forest

In this issue:
Short fiction: "The Quarter" and "The 119th Street Demon"
Experimental storytelling: "A Midnight Stroll"

Yuri responds to an ad looking for a reporter, which leads him to meet a colorful cast of characters, including a woman starting a local magazine, groups of people living surreptitiously in the woods, and a guy who swears he saw a UFO.

Includes acid trips, liberal politics and barroom nonsense.

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Issue #1

The Illustrated Journals of Yuri Realman

& Ranch is the story of Yuri Realman: a guy who abandons his life in Washington, D.C., to follow dreams of becoming a writer. He quits his job and spends a year living on the road, before settling into a small cabin on the edge of the Finger Lakes National Forest, to reconnect with nature and pursue his passion. 

& Ranch is part photo-comic, part literary and photographic journal.

Follow Yuri's adventure as he moves from a cubicle in D.C. to life on the road, exploring Joshua Tree, Texas, Big Sur, ghost towns, and the Pacific Northwest.

As Yuri settles into his new off-grid cabin life, he begins to embrace the natural world, experiment with consciousness-altering drugs and write surreal short stories.  

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Issue #2

Vegas, Jail & True Love at the Pinball Hall of Fame

In this issue:
The follow-up finds Yuri Realman settling into his hermit lifestyle, and struggling with his dreams of being a writer.  He's pared everything back so he can focus on his work, but still the rejections pile up.

And then his story goes sideways--for a moment--when a misunderstanding winds him locked up in a county jail. It's a week that tests his beliefs and philosophies, while also giving him a little insight into the criminal justice system: who gets sent away, and just how bad is the food..

More stories from the road, and insights into off-grid living. In this issue Yuri visits the wild beaches of North Carolina, the Pinball Hall of Fame in Vegas, and jail. As his resolve as a writer is tested, his work takes a turn towards the existential. 

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Issue #3

The Political Satire & Rage Issue

In this issue:
More off-grid updates from Yuri & Gonzo
Photography from Alaska, Texas, more
Essay: “Donald Trump and the Inevitability of Now … the Fiction of Border Policy and the Truth of Our Humanitarian Failures”
Political satire: The White House Phone Transcripts
Documents from the ACLU fight v. DHS

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Blogging Walden: 'What's the news?' ... Why we need Thoreau now, as much as ever

It may come as no surprise that a writer living in a small cabin in the woods likes Henry David Thoreau. Despite a lot of recent criticism heaped on the man and his work, I continue to think he was a genius who penned amazing treatises on solitude, nature, justice and self determination.

That's not to say the guy was perfect. But I feel a certain kinship to the naturalist writer who accidentally burned 300 acres of woods when a campfire got out of control.  He also had a tendency to annoy people, didn't mind contradicting himself, and could be kind of an ass.

As a self-described part-time hermit, Thoreau's approach makes perfect sense to me, and recently I've been re-reading Walden and putting down some thoughts.

#1:  'What's the news?' ... Why we need Thoreau, as much as ever

#2:  Sounds -- 'a vibration of the universal lyre'

#3: Solitude; immeasurable in miles; points in space & exertion of the legs

Flour, salt, yeast, water.

Flour, salt, yeast, water.

Baking Bread

And a review of the Coleman stovetop-oven

I used to bake bread often, but then again I used to have an oven.

For a while, that was one of the biggest things "missing" in living off the grid. I experimented with building a brick oven, but never really took to using it. I experimented with flat breads, but it just wasn't the same. And so for the past couple of years I largely stopped baking. ... [continues]


Involved: A Max Steel Mystery

Max Steel is a private investigator hired to do what seems like a simple job: Follow a cheating husband, and get pictures. But when the philandering target winds up dead, Max finds himself the prime suspect--and time is running out for him to clear his name (or at least throw the police a better theory).

I'm a big fan of mysteries and noir, and enjoy writing the genre from time to time. "Involved" is a straight-ahead detective story until the end, which takes a dark and fatal turn.

32 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 

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This whole trek towards minimalism and tiny home, off-grid-living began years ago when I left D.C. and traveled around the United States. I spent almost a year living out of a van, ultimately reconnecting with the outdoors and realizing I didn't need a whole lot of stuff to actually be happy.

These are some of the photos from that amazing 15,000-mile adventure. Not long after, I scraped together the cash to buy & Ranch and have been here since.