Zine Review: Manifesto

Ed Tillman sent me Manifesto #2, and I immediately fired off a letter to say thanks, and to tell him I thought he was wrong. Which, to me, says Manifesto is a success.

Manifesto is a 24-page zine of art essays, interviews, poetry and personal musings. It's attractive, well written and edited, and offers up honest thinking and experiences in pieces that are small enough to read in a minute or two. 

The essay that got me riled up was Tillman's musings on whether or not the conceptual sculpture Levitated Mass is "art." My own opinion, well, if someone calls it art then it is. But I suppose if ever there's a spot to pose the question, a big rock is as good an opportunity as you'll find.

I also really enjoyed Other View, a poem+photograph by Greek artist Nasos Papathanasiou.

You can find Manifesto here.

Posted on March 17, 2016 and filed under Art, Zines.