Zine Review: Skull Water (in 3D)


I have to be honest and admit I'm not much of a horror fan, but Bruce Wilson's 3D "Skull Water" is more funny, weird and gross, than anything else. And, it's in 3D, which I've never seen before from a zine.

It starts out:

"Once there was an elderly couple and their young son who lived most of their lives in a secluded cabin in the woods."

That's about the last normal sentence in this story, and it's the first one. It's a re-take on zombie stories, funny, tragic, and illustrated. A three-dimensional love story between the undead. How can you go wrong?

You can find Bruce at spatty31@hotmail.com or if you're like many zinesters and prefer it the old-fashioned way:

2184 E. 20th Ave.
Vancouver, BC
V5N 2L6

Posted on May 5, 2016 and filed under Zines.