Zine Review: The Seeker (Part One)

When you get to the end of The Seeker, Thomas Bartlett has included a note to the reader: He explains that this story, Part One, is the beginning of a broader arc, an introduction to the place and situation where a story of one man's war on crime will be told.

I would read that story also, but "The Seeker" has very little in common with that premise. Instead, it is the story of an ordinary man who goes shopping, seeking to enliven his life by flirting with a co-worker and improving his wardrobe for the annual office party. Things do not go well.

While The Seeker may eventually be a noir-ish tale of vigilante justice, the introduction is more of a meditation on both the banality and unpredictable nature of life. Lives that consist of routine, small adventures and struggles, tiny victories, but also enormous tragedy.

Bartlett's note to the reader also mentions that he writes in both Spanish and English (I believe the zine is published out of Mexico), and the language reflects this. There are grammar and language issues that, while also slowing down the reader, add a sense of personality to the story. 

Bartlett's note to the reader has something to say in itself:

"I'm not trying to be a professional or do everything by the book. I'm trying to tell you a story without compromise. Just a plain and simple story ..."

I enjoyed The Seeker. It's a haunting reminder that life is short and that our common struggles in the end amount to very little. If you're interested in Part One, mail to:

Oath Zine
Herreros #133
Durango, Dgo. Mexico

Or email: oathzine@hotmail.com

Posted on April 25, 2016 and filed under Zines.