Zine Review: Dystatic & Tiny Mail Art

I get some odd mail these days, which is a lot of fun but most of it has one thing in common -- it's all pretty much the same size.

Not so, the other day. I opened the box, found a strange envelope, and out spilled tiny prints and envelopes, painstakingly constructed and printed, now turned into some kind of miniature confetti of postalserviceness.

As Dystatic puts it: "All my stuff is small, and not very wordy."

True, but I liked the words as well, simple, accompanying larger booklets of nature-based prints.

You can find dystatic here, or write to:

po box 20083 rpo beverly
edmonton, ab canada
t5w 5e6

Posted on March 26, 2016 and filed under Zines.