Brick Oven 2.0 -- And Bread!

I took a second shot at building a brick oven the other day, making one essential modification form the first attempt: The entire firebox is lined with firebrick. In my first version, just the floor was.

I've also elevated it a bit, and worked in another couple of layers for insulation. So did it work? Same as the last time -- kind of. But yes, it did. I was able to get three small loaves done, burning the bottom of just the first one.

Until there's a door on this, I suspect it will work best for flatbreads. I want to add another internal layer of firebrick, and then bring the sides out to a more gradual descent, before starting to make it permanent.

But hey: scratch bread, including the oven!

And if you look in the background of the photo below, you can see the beginnings of the garden. I'll grow tomatoes and basil about 20 feet from the pizza oven. #efficiency

Posted on March 10, 2016 and filed under Homesteading, Food.