Nature: Sometimes You Get Shanked

Nature is, of course, awesome and all .... but sometimes it's out to get you. 

About six weeks aho I was clearing some trees, and among them cut down a locust tree. These are crappy trees. Nasty. They have big spikes on them, and frankly they smell like a turd when you cut them down.  

I think they're honey locusts. Wikpedia says "the species has become a significant invasive weed in other regions of the world." God forbid.

So I cut one down, turned around and walked right into the fallen tree. It's not like dealing with the thorns on a rosebush -- the wood is hard and it doesn't give. Painful, and then the thorn broke off. I thought I got it all out, but finally had to see a doctor.

I have a terrible needle phobia, so it was pretty comical. I'd told myself before, that I wanted to watch if he removed it: The thing was in my calf, no big deal, I figured. Instead, I basically fainted. It sounds absurd, but I guess of all the fears you could have this one isn't the worst.

Anyway, score Nature: 1, Robert: 0.

My new least favorite tree.

My new least favorite tree.

Posted on October 2, 2016 and filed under Nature.