Here's Some Weirdness: Runcible Spoon

Reading  DC-based Runcible Spoon is like wandering around the imagination of a curious cook.

Malaka Gharib's humor is evident all through the twice-yearly publication she edits. It's fun, it's whimsical, it's creative, it's weird. And that's a pretty awesome combination, the sort of thing that invites you to expand on your own quirkiness, makes you want to cook something ridiculous or return to an old favorite haunt.

The zine describes itself as:

 ... a twice-yearly zine about food and fantasy based in Washington, D.C. Our goal is to capture the pleasure and playfulness of eating through imaginative, delicious (and sometimes made-up) recipes, illustration, storytelling and collage, submitted by writers and artists across the country. 

And who doesn't love a cheap-eats issue? (Sticker price: $699).

Posted on October 10, 2014 .