Introducing, Max Steel ...


I started writing Max Steel sometime in middle school--basically just daydreams of saving the world, put down in short stories about a tough private investigator. Copies of some of those early attempts are still around, and they are horrible.

But writing Max Steel stories was always just fun. He's the opposite of me, and I know little of his world, so it allows for unforced absurdity. And writing noir is almost as much fun as reading it, particularly if you're willing to push a joke or let the gun go off for no reason.

But "Involved" is a bit more serious. I've worked on it off and on for years, but recently decided to call it done. It embraces the genre, but takes a dark turn at the end. Max is working a simple case, getting photos of a cheating husband, when the philanderer winds up with two in the chest.

Our hero becomes the prime suspect, and must race to come up with a better suspect for the cops--or risks having this case be his last

You can check on Involved on Amazon for the Kindle, or on Etsy for the dead-tree version

Posted on September 26, 2017 .