Hobgoblins & Radio: On Changing Your Mind


I have--so far at least--enjoyed getting older. I think it's mostly due to an increased sense of agency and presence and self-awareness.  Practically speaking: You get to do more fun things. And the toys are better.


One of the little joys I appreciate about the whole thing is being able to change my mind.

I used to hate olives, and now I don't. That's one of those little things that sounds so unimportant but then, I can think back and truly remember hating olives.

I have also, in the past, hated pictures of flowers, and celebrated capitalism. Who the hell was that guy?

The ability to change is awesome. From small things to big. But "change is hard" is a line we hear often. What gives? Fear of change is really a fear of loss, and just means we aren't seeing things right.

When we change, are we giving up who we are/were? I was used to being that guy--what if his life was better, what if I can't figure out this next thing, what if I'm not accepted?

When you give up ownership of your past self, there is nothing to fear. (Give up ownership of your present-self and you've achieved bliss, but that's thoughts for another day)

I used to hate radio. Just generally. "I don't even know why radio exists anymore," I can recall saying in a particularly smart moment. Limited playlists you can't control, awful commercials, annoying DJs--hell, we have the internet: why DO they exist?

And then I moved into the woods.

It turns out there are lots of great things about radio, starting with public radio and college stations. Plus, it's local. And you can use it anywhere with just a couple of batteries. And you never know what you'll hear. And different DJs bring a new feel to things. And it's one way--no fucking internet comments.

There's lots of reasons radio is awesome. But when I look at that list, I mostly see a change in my outlook. Cool.

Radio is awesome.

Check in next week, when I write about answering machines. They were central to so many movie plots and disappointing "0 Messages" lights.

Posted on October 27, 2017 .