My Energy Use: Diary of a Grid Defector (21)

I've alluded to my energy setup in the cabin: a mix of solar, battery storage and old-fashioned gasoline generation when necessary (and with this wet July, it's been necessary). There are a bunch of other little solutions I've cobbled together, a kind of fumbling-about towards the goal of having stable power for the very small electricity needs I have.

If you're interested in knowing more, I'd send you over to Utility Dive where I've started writing an occasional column about my off-grid goals as well as energy issues local to the region. The idea is to use my own experience, and what's happening in the Finger Lakes, to give a little perspective on larger utility issues. It's also full of terrible energy humor. Humor-ish.

If nothing else, it is as Bill Moyers put it in The Power of Myth: A journalist enjoys a "license to be educated in public." 

I'm not sure I'd say I "enjoy" that part -- frankly, it can be a pretty terrifying proposition. But I will say then when I'm able to write about the things I do, which is somewhat of a rarity for reporters, I'm very grateful for the chance.

Diary of a Grid Defector (off-site link).

Posted on July 15, 2015 .