The Flip Side


Eyes still red, tired. Dark, unmarked roads, but this time I know where the campsite is.

The same decisions, waiting for the same moments. Nothing changes, the cards just fall different. Don't force it, but wait. That moment, perfection, it will come. Be prepared, accept it -- but don't get attached.

Patience. Faith. 

Did seat 7 have it? Doesn't matter, I like my decision and I still have my chips.

You can't force or plan perfect. It's all the same, all these things we do. The moment will arrive if you're there for it. Just show up.

Flop top two and get it in. Seat 7 calls light. I don't bother to question what this says about the first hand. He's gone now, the seat filled by someone else.

A 50-cent shower in an Oklahoma state park. Good decisions. Good thoughts. The game will be there when I get back.

Posted on December 19, 2013 .