So Far ...

Dusk is a sea of neon, fast food chains and gas stations lighting the way. A river of cars zooming past churches and the storage units for the things that don't fit in our homes. A never-ending litany of billboards selling cheap products and easy ideas.

Also, unspoiled beauty. And spoiled beauty. 

I couldn't take a good picture in the Smokies, They're too big, too big, they go on and on and they're perfect. How could a photograph capture that?

Secondary highways dotted by small towns. Gas station coffee in a large thermos. Speed traps and hitchhikers. Cloudless nights in the middle  of nowhere; a million stars.

People. Amazing people. Angry people. Afraid, alive, happy and unhappy. Some lonely people. Prideful. People willing to help.  People wanting to tell their story.

What I'm learning is, you have to seize your happiness where you find it.

Posted on November 11, 2013 .